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The Paranormal Society is a paranormal social networking community and information portal designed to bring together those interested in the paranormal, to provide support for paranormal investigation groups and individuals, to supply information to researchers and the general public alike, and be a means of help and support for those who are experiencing, or have experienced, the paranormal. But the real heart is its members... who unequivocally support the cause and direction and who dedicate their time to furthering the passion in us all.


To maintain an online presence where everyone feels comfortable, from believer's and skeptics, psychics and researchers, technical and spiritual individuals. The goal is to provide a medium where everyone can share ideas and thoughts, exchange belief's, theories, opinions, and evidence in a safe, comforting, non-threatening environment. Some paranormal related websites restrict the type of photos they allow you to upload or conversation you choose to have, which is non-productive. We're different. We don't restrict, and we don't censor. This is your Paranormal Society.

Why The Paranormal Society is different
While there are thousands of sites on the internet that deal with various types of paranormal phenomena, The Paranormal Society is the only site that has it all; Extensive articles, helpful FAQ's, Haunted Places Directory, stories, experienced-based methods of dealing with the paranormal, an extensive forum, active paranormal investigators and researchers, experienced members and staff to help with personal paranormal encounters, evidence analysis, and more. The Paranormal Society doesn't censor and is not biased. Our staff is comprised of experienced individuals who are involved in the field, who are experts in the instruction of photography, EVP, video and photo analysis, who are active paranormal investigators, and others who are sensitive and empathic. And we provide a relaxed outlet for those to share experiences, ideas, and theories.

As you search around The Paranormal Society, you'll notice that, unlike the majority of paranormal websites, content provided by us is from a point of theory. This is because there are no experts in this field. Some websites lead you to believe they know exactly what happens on 'The Other Side', and proceed to tell you everything in a factual way. But in reality, they couldn't be further from the truth, and the truth is that the paranormal has never been scientifically proven, therefore, it's impossible to be an expert in something that has no scientific basis of truth. We're believers, but we're not going to give you meaningless so-called facts. The Paranormal Society presents information based on theory, experience, research, and educated guesses, giving you the tools to form your own opinion.

Social Networking
We have a fully featured social networking community and includes personal photo and video galleries, public and private groups, events, friend system, profile wall posts, status updates, comments, likes and much more. With more than 7,000 members, we are the largest paranormal social networking website in the world. We understand that skeptics may find some or all information at The Paranormal Society to be unscientific or irrational. We understand that and know that everyone has a certain belief system. This Paranormal Society is a place of free exchange where all are welcome, regardless of their belief.

We're fun, unique and energetic
Over five years online has taught us that the vast majority of people interested in the paranormal are also interested in making friends with like-minded individuals. As such a site, many other things will occur and develop, including jokes, music, harmless banter between members, posts that include a member's problems or personal life and other content unrelated to the paranormal. We realize that people are people, and as much love and passion as we have for the paranormal, we also have love and compassion for our members, who come here to not only speak of the paranormal, but for the caring shoulder of friendships that developed here.


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GreenEyedLady: Moderator, Metaphysical Advisor
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Gizmo: Moderator, Contributing Author, Photo Analyst
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CDS: Moderator, Evidence Analyst
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Arizonaevp: Moderator, EVP Analyst
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