True Encounters With Shadow People: Part 2

Countinuing with our series on Shadow People, we're presenting page 2 of reader submissions of encounters with shadow people.

Ok, so here i am writing about this! I have just moved into a home that me and my fiance first lived in when we met back in 2006. His grandfather had moved out about 10 months ago. So the house was completely vacant that whole time! Well since we have moved in, April 4th 2015 was our first night in our home. (Like I said we have lived here before with pap and never had this type of situation or encounter) we live close and (I mean like on the same block) as the West Virginia insane asylum. It has been shut down for a very long time! But there are stories built in that building! Everything about it is creepy! Back to my situation.. We stayed the night by ourselves for the first time a few nights ago! It's April 7th today! I got up about 5 am to use the bathroom. I'm pregnant and have a five year old little boy. As I walk to the bathroom. I open the bathroom door and there stood a man in my bathroom! COMPLETELY BLACK with a hat and jacket. No facial features at all! He was standing there shaking his head yes! I blinked to make sure I wasn't seeing something. It was real! There was really a black shadow man in my bathroom! I SCREAMED! Came running back to my bedroom where I just came from but my door was like locked or really hard to open. So my fiance woke up from me screaming and literally had to pull me in the bedroom and he was even terrified by my screams! He has been with me for 9 years and HAS NEVER heard me scream like that In our whole relationship as well as my son who was awaken to my terror! As I was screaming my fiance was asking me what!? Screaming it back at me! WHAT BABE WHAT?!?!?! My son is crying! Everything was horrible!!! I finally was able to get the words "there is a man in the bathroom!!!!" Frantically my fiance grabs our guns! Because of course we have NEVER EXPERIENCED ANY thing! Like this EVER past present middle anything! And it was never a situation when we lived here previously! No his grandfather is not dead and no men have recently died In our family or anything! Women, yes. Great great grandmothers! But this shadow was of a man, and he definitely shook his head yes at me! I felt so scared! I am asking what this means and I am surrounded by the fear of it hurting my son or my unborn or my fiance or even myself! I don't know what to do and I feel foolish for talking to people about things like this! I feel crazy! I know what I seen THOUGH! And I know it wasn't me or my own reflection or shadow because I was wearing white and there was NO LIGHT WHAT SO EVER to make a shadow. I felt like it was something bad! Very negative vibes like it was going to "get me" I couldn't go back to sleep I stayed up all night with my lights on and my bedroom door locked! I'm just trying to see if I can protect my family from something "bad" happening. Because the more I do research about it, it makes me even more frightened to have my son here and it's not like we can just move out because we are renting to own! But I also am not going to live fearfully for the rest of my life! I seen something on this website about water. When we moved in there have been water leaks after water leaks and finally we have them all fixed as of today. I just would like to know what I can do! And why it's happening now? Instead of ever before! My fiance is 26 and I am 25! We started our relationship in this very house when I was 16 and he was 17! And we are now back! Any help suggestions any way to get him to stay away from our home? Any thing I can do to feel a little more protected! Because obviously you can't shoot a shadow or ghost! I'm very scared and frantic for my child's well being of staying here! As well as my unborn!!! My cats have not been being themselves since we have moved here! What could it mean? Do animals have a 6th sense? Idk what to say! I'm just very lost frightened and confused! And help would greatly be appreciated!!!!!!
Scared Mama
You have more power then them. I was tortured by them for two months every night when I was 16. My anger out grew my fear and I became strong enough to grab and torture them when ever they tried to get me. It became funny to me when I seen how weak they were. I would even call them out till my whole room became dark with shadows and I would grab and torture them. They can't be demons or powerful entities. They are a joke. Or maybe I have some gift. But I think it's just people who know how to astral project. Now thanks to them I know how too. I also seen ghost who were nice. But one became paranoid when I said that I could see him.
Im 16 and have experienced shadow people I see them run past me if im looking down at something or juat watching t.v they dont touch me or do anything they just watch me I sometimes will yell I saw u and nothing would happen but I know they were ther this website is the first time I have said anything about it due to the fact if my mother was to find she would think im crazy and send me to therapy. And I dont have a close relationship with her what do I do?
These things aren't "good". For those of you who keep saying that, you are mistaken. There was a period of time where I would have "visitations." I was in my early 20s and I was going through some personal issues in my life where my parents were divorcing, I was forced to leave school and I moved away from home so that I could figure out a way to support myself and go to school. I saw more than one. Usually, things would start by me waking up and feeling like I was being watched. Then, I would hear movement, shuffling, whispering and giggling by what sounded like multiple people. I would see one who was a smaller female with long hair and a hat. She had a whisper of a voice and she would say things like, "You aren't good enough for my son" while pointing her bony finger at me. Another one, which was super tall, like 7 or 8 feet, with long dreadlike hair and seemed to me to be female. She wasn't speaking but she would jump up and down, giggling and pulling her hair. I think she may have jumped into the wall but I couldn't move or look directly at it. Every time I had a visitation it would be early am, my bedroom would be sunny and I would be paralyzed in my bed, so I was unable to move or speak. I could never look at them directly either. This was happening to me so regularly that I eventually trained myself to kick my foot and hit my bed to break free and usually that is when they would disappear. I eventually watched a tv show on the phenomena and realized I wasn't alone. These things are negative and terrifying. I will never forgot that voice of the entity crumpled up net to me on my bed. Years later, in my condo in FL I had another visitation once or twice but I haven't had to experience this in about 8 or 9 years thank goodness. My sister and dad have both experienced the same. I have gotten the impression that they hide in closets and behind furniture, but I feel they come and go from another dimension. I know this sounds insane.
Unknown H.


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