Shadow People: My Experiences

As time passed, I still felt uneasy my boyfriend and I still saw our lights ficker and sometimes unexplained noises. We decided to just ignore those noises until I decided I couldn't ignore my uneasiness no more. My son was constantly horrified of his closet and of the dark. He would have nightmares and sweat so much and even wet his bed. My boyfriend and I would constantly argue and loose our temper in each other and on our children.
Just recently three days ago I had a strong feeling that it was time to seriously cleanse our home. I spoke to my mother about this over the phone and attempted to forward my paranormal video to her email and that's when I realized my first sign, she received the email and the attachment but the video wasn't there. While I was still on the phone talking to my mom and about buying a sage to bless our home, my phone suddenly gives out an electronic noise and freezes and shuts down and restarts itself and the lights flicker in our living room at the same time. Creepy! And something told me in my mind that I should buy the sage without telling my boyfriend.
Later that day I bought the sage and picked up my boyfriend from work. He was in a terrible mood and I slowly brought up that I have bought the sage. My boyfriend is a believer in sages and believes in god, but for some strange reason I was afraid of suggesting in blessing our home. He was so upset with me and was so disrespectful to me for the rest of the evening. We got into a huge fight that almost got physical and almost caused our break up. I left to get fresh air and did laundry I was close to having a nervous breakdown. He began to text me to apologize and said he can't understand why he acted like the way he did and feel like something is not letting him agree to blessing our home with a sage. I texted him I bought the sage and it s time to bless our home tonight and the strangest thing happened that his phone received the same text from me three times in the part I texted "I bought the sage".
I went home and we followed instructions from another article here and his mother who is an expert in house blessing. First we had the kids take baths and the dog too and go to bed with all the lights on. My boyfriends mom suggested to sweep the house from top to bottom together (we live in a duplex) and sweep and mop from the corners to your way out without going back where you swept or mopped and sweep all the accumulated dirt outside the house and don't open the doors until the next morning and keep all the windows closed. During the house cleaning, my boyfriend talks with fury to the house as he was sweeping around the kitchen table and tells the negative entity to leave and never come back. He felt his back being touched several times and our kitchen table moves by itself. He became even more upset and told it to stop touching him. I had a feeling that we needed to be done cleaning and blessing our home by 12am.
So we rushed the cleaning and took showers together to cut the time in half and then my boyfriend saw strange large scratches on his back. They looked zip zag and very red. I took pictures and immediately googled long a prayer in the name of lord that's specifically for house blessing. We began to use the sage and repeat the prayer from the top floor of apartment down to the basement. We were both scared to go the basement but praying gave us the strength and I felt confident that god was with me. Then we checked up on our sons and woke them from their sleep so they can cup their hands with the smoke from the sage and "wash" their faces with it. And we did the same too and to our beloved dog too of course. We put out the sage and shut all the lights off and had a great night of sleep.
The next day my family was all smiles and I used the sage in a different way I found online one more time to remove any negative energy or stress. This time I opened all the windows and doors and walked around with the sage using in my own words of telling the house that I am removing the house of negative energy or entities that does not suit or support our family as I was moving the sage outwards towards the windows and walls allowing the smoke to take the negativity with it out the window. We are doing better now. I hope my story helps anyone who reads this to help them understand their shadow person experience better and how to deal with them.
I believe these shadow persons are ghost that refuse to go the light. They are negative and they are around when their is negativity. They love dark places and they love to hide so one wishes them away. I believe when they realize you see them they keep following you to get more of your attention if they feel their presence is welcomed. They learn to move objects and they are very fast it's why they are hard to spot right away. I wouldn't consider them as demons but in my opinion they come close to being one and I wouldn't play around with them our allow them to be around or even give it attention. I don't think they are the type of ghost that is there to warn you, or wants to something from you in order for it to be in peace. I believe they are negative and yet, not evil entities wanting to be human again it's why they are around watching us.
Submitted by Sidney
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