Haunted Guest Room

My house has always been a little weird. I live in Buffalo, New York with my parents. I had moved out when I turned 20, but since the recession had to move back in recently. They had used my room as storage when I left, and everything seems strange now. They took down my posters, collages and pictures. They put silk flowers everywhere and painted the room light blue. It's like sleeping in a guest room. But that's not the only thing that's uncomfortable. There just seems to be a dark presence in that part of the house. Also, the other day as I was investigating the bookshelf in my room, I found my old spell book from when I was dabbling in Wicca back in my early teens. I thought for sure my parents (being highly religious) would've gotten rid of that the moment I left to be on my own. It's bizarre that it's still there.
Now like I said before, the house has always been sort of weird. It has its fair share of oddities: like the door that leads into the garage never stays shut. It'll creak open by itself when you're sitting on the couch near it watching TV and scare the living crap out of you! Even if you lock it, it'll find its way to swing open on its own.
The walls creak from time to time... no not the floor, the walls. I don't know what's in them that makes them do this, but it's pretty creepy when you're trying to sleep at night and the wall near your head will suddenly make a tapping sound. Weird things have happened over the years. I don't know if I can chock it up to my house being actually "haunted" or not. Perhaps you can decide for yourself.
Once when I was younger, I was woken out of a sound sleep and lay there, confused as to what had woken me up. Then out of nowhere, I started getting an eerie feeling... as if something else was in the room with me. The feeling escalated into sheer terror. I lay there, frozen with fear, scarcely breathing when a deep, dark voice erupted from the closet, "Yes I am here."
Somehow I knew it was going to say that and I shrieked loudly on impulse. My dad rushed in, did the normal routine: checked the closet (empty of course) and telling me it was just a dream. It wasn't, though.
Onward to present day. These next two incidences happened just yesterday: It's important for me to note that the guest room door and my bedroom door are side by side, yet the guest room door is at an angle, so when I was walk out of my room, I can see directly into the guest room. My mom always keeps the guest room door closed, so I was surprised to see the guest room door wide open. I was even more surprised by the fact that it looked like someone completely ransacked the room! The bed covers were ripped off the bed and in a heap on the floor. The curtains and curtain rods were thrown haphazardly across the bed. The night-stand was tipped over, the lamp on its side, the lampshade lay upside-down next to it.
Appalled, I ran downstairs and asked my parents what happened to the room. My mom's face drained of color and said that she hadn't been in the room. My dad denied being in there, too. I went upstairs to show them and as I stepped onto the top landing, the guest room door was SHUT! I hadn't closed it when I left and I remarked about it, but that wasn't the biggest shocker. As we enetered the room, it was completely back in order! The bedsheets were neatly tucked into the bed. The curtains were set properly on the windows. The night stand was where it should be with the lamp and lampshade sitting on top. It looked as it always should look.
My parents were slightly miffed. My mom glared at me and said, "That was NOT FUNNY!" My dad grinned slightly, patted me on the back and said, "Nice try, sweetheart, but aren't you a little old to be making up these jokes?" I tried to protest and was honestly near tears, but they weren't having it. I'm still pretty confused and am starting to question my sanity in that aspect. Although the second incident confirms that perhaps I'm not so crazy after all.
Later that same night, I had stayed up to watch a scary movie. My parents had long been in bed by the time I shut the TV off and came upstairs myself. I went to the bathroom and did my nightly routine in there. Then as I was walking out into the hallway to go to my room, I saw a swift movement out of the corner of my eye, and the next thing I know, something slammed me hard in the back and I went crashing into the guest room door (which was closed.) Angrily, I spun around to confront my attacker and NOBODY WAS THERE!
The commotion had awoken my parents and I told them what happened and this time. Real tears began sliding down my face. I honestly think they believed me this time and we spent a few hours afterward, reading the Bible and praying hard. I felt like a small child as I asked if I could sleep in their room for the night, but they didn't turn me down, thank God, because I think I would've slept outside if I needed to -- anywhere to be away from that section of the house!
All day today, my mom and I have been in my room reading the Bible. We are on a "break" right now, but I am going to continue with it tonight. If any further incidences happen, I will be sure to let you know!
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