Young Doppelganger or Time Slip?

Back in 2000, my youngest daughter and I were moving from Oregon to New York. My daughter was seven years old at the time and I bought a little Cape Cod house in a tiny little town called Painted Post.
Prior to moving to New York, I lived in Gresham, Oregon, and I had a neighbor, an older man who was about 70 something and his name was George. I became good friends with George. I would go see him almost daily and talk with him, and he had asked me to help him with a wound on his leg. The man was in a wheelchair and had injured his leg and this wound had a hard time healing. He asked me to help change his bandage daily since I was in the medical field and knew how to do sterile wound care.
George had a severe stroke and passed away. I was so deeply sad. He was like a second father to me. When I talked to him through the time he was alive, he told me how he traveled a lot. He would drive brand new cars for dealerships across the country.
When my daughter and I were on our way driving to New York, I became ill with a cold and didn't feel well. It was the second or third day driving that I decided I better rest. My daughter and I stopped at a motel along the highway. I fell asleep while my little girl watched TV.
That evening, I had to take my cocker spaniel out for a walk and get stuff from the car and. A man in the room next to me came out and he was friendly. We started to chat. I couldn't help but stare at him. He looked so much like a very young George! His hair had the unique hair line that George had. He told me that he had a little girl and a wife and that he traveled a lot. George also had a daughter and a wife (who had passed away before I had met George).
But the weirdest thing... the man had a pair of shorts on, since it was July and very warm outside. I looked down at his leg... and there was a scar. The scar was in the same exact same place that George had his wound -- and I knew that wound well since I took care of it daily for several weeks!
That man was either some kind of double or I had stepped back into time and met George as a young man! Oh, who knows? It was so very strange!
Courtesy of Fran B.
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