Long Weekend

Let me start up by briefly explaining the background. My mom's a singer and she often has to travel out of town (we live in Tijuana, Mexico). During last summer, her band was hired by a resort near the beach and they would perform almost the whole week day and night. The owner (which is also the mayor of that city now) knew the band was not from Rosarito Beach and he offered them a house to stay for the summer so they wouldn't have to return everyday to Tijuana (about 40 minutes away). This house is located at a beach community called 'Rosarito Shores' and since there was an extra room available, my mom said we could spend our summer weekends with her.
I thought I was going to have a great time, being the house near the beach and all that... But it never happened. The first night, a loud knocking woke me up and I soon realized it was coming from the kitchen. My brother was sleeping next to me so I assumed my mom was back and I went over there to greet her, I freaked out when nobody was home but the knocking was still there!
I tried to find an explanation but we didn't share walls with the neighbors and I clearly heard as if someone had moved a chair from the dining room! That creeped the heck out of me and I rushed back to the room where my brother was still sleeping. As soon as my mom was home I told her what happened but she didn't believe me and I had to stay there for the whole weekend listening knocks, chairs moving and sometimes I heard whispers outside the room.
Even in broad daylight I heard a dish crushing on the floor just behind me. That killed my naive idea that ghosts and paranormal events could only happen at night.
Needless to say, I did not step a foot on that house again and spent a relaxed summer at my aunt's. The beach community is still there, and you can catch a strange vibe even if you're only driving by because a lot of its previous occupants were elderly people who, according to maintenance staff, died in their houses. I suppose death did not keep them from hanging out at their old place.
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