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Broad term that includes practitioners of eclectic or non-christian religions.
Phenomena that lies outside the realm of science; That which cannot be explained with typical scientific hypothesis, theories or study.
The study of real or supposed phenomena that lies outside the realm of normal psychology.
Psychological tendency to see meaningful patterns in a random stimulus.
Past-Life Memories
Vivid mental images believed to be the memories of a previous life.
Past-Life Regression
Hypnosis technique that is claimed to regress people in order to recover memories of previous lives.
Paranormal dowsing tool used to answer questions.
A ghostly apparition.
Phantom Hitchhiker
Urban legend of a ghost that haunts a specific roadway; asking for a ride and then disappearing once inside the vehicle.
Physical Mediumship
Having the ability to employ spirits to produce a phenomena that everyone can witness.
PK - Psychokinesis
Someone having the mental power affect matter without making physical contact.
Small triangular shaped board used with a Ouija board.
Poltergeist is a German word that means "noisy ghost". The best defining mark of a poltergeist is any manipulation of the physical environment such as the movement of objects, physical attacks, spontaneous combustion, etc.
A theoretical doorway in which spirits are said to enter or exit.
Portland's Ghost
Garden gnome come to life. Small in stature; this hobbit looking creature is said to live in the basement of Kenton Station in Portland, OR. Appearance is characterized by greasy hair and putrid body odor. When in a good mood, a purring chant of "like a boss" can be heard. When angered; anal retentive rederick and pathological lies fill the air.

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