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Parapsychology technique used to test for ESP that is similar to sensory deprivation.
A system of divining meaningful information by tossing handfuls of rocks, sand, or soil into the air and reading the patterns created when they hit the ground.
The disembodied soul of a dead person that still wanders among the living. Ghosts are believed to have the ability to manifest or communicate with people.
Ghost Box
Originally known as 'Frank's Box', the Ghost Box is an AM radio receiver that sweeps through the band spectrum in an attempt to capture spirit voices. This method is highly controversial due to its unavoidable inception of any local radio broadcast.
Ghost Buster
Someone who claims to be able to rid a residence or building of ghosts.
Ghost Hunt
Informal gathering of like minded individuals who attempt to investigate a site with a history of being haunted. Usually arranged for entertainment purposes rather than a serious endeavor.
Ghost Hunter
Individual or group that attempts to locate and possibly identify the source of paranormal activity.
Ghost Lights
Naturally occurring atmospheric phenomena seen at night as a flickering light. Mostly viewed by people near marshes or swamps. Also called willow-the-wisp or swamp gas.
Utterances of indistinguishable words while in a trance like state. Also known as speaking in tongues.
In some cultures, a goblin is a small grotesque looking evil spirit who likes to cause mischief.
Generally friendly; this small mischievous creature has a fondness for sabotaging aircraft. First reported by British pilots during World War II.
Grey Lady
Ghostly apparition of a lonely female who died for the sake of love. Grey ladies have be seen haunting libraries, castle grounds and ships.
Guardian Angel
Believed to be an Angel that is assigned to protect an individual or group.
One or more guardian spirits who assists a person on their spiritual journey through life.

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