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Earthquake Effect
A phenomenon produced by the physical medium D.D. Home, involving the room shaking as if there was an earthquake.
A trance-like state of consciousness in which a person experiences an expanded spiritual awareness.
A milky white semi-fluid substance that emanates from a spiritualistic medium and is reported to be how spirits make themselves visible.
Electromagnetic Field (EMF)
An invisible electric and magnetic field of energy; typically characterized by wavelength that is associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made energy such as Ultraviolet (UV), X-Rays, Gamma Rays, microwave ovens, computers, TV's & cell phones. Paranormal investigators believe spirits and ghosts use EMF to manifest or communicate.
Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP)
Recordings of intelligible voices on magnetic tape or digital recorders that are not audible at the time of a recording; but which are heard upon playback of the recording.
Many cultures believe in elemental spirits. Elemental's are spirits that have never been human; yet embrace human emotions, such as love, fear, anger. Elemental spirits basically protect sacred places and lands.
Someone who experiences great empathy towards other people at a psychic level.
The ability to experience and understand the emotional state of another person.
In paranormal terms; a non-corporeal consciousness usually referred to as a spirit, ghost or demon.
Evil Eye
Alleged ability by some to cast a malignant spell on others simply by looking at them.
Summoning of spirits by way of a ritual or incantation.
An EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) are electronically generated sounds. In the paranormal field, EVP's are believed to be voices of the dead.
The eviction of a malevolent demon, spirit or ghost possessing or haunting a person, place or object. A religious based ritual often conducted by an exorcist; usually appeals to a higher power to cast out the evil entity.
Tests conducted in a controlled environment.
Occurring or originating outside of our normal perception of reality.

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