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A benevolent spirit who communicates advice & inspiration.
Dead Time
Time of night between midnight & 3am when ghosts are believed to be the most active.
The permanent extinction of all biological functions of an organism's life.
Deathbed Experience
When a dying person becomes aware of the presence of dead relatives or friends.
Decline Effect
A decrease in performance on a psi test when the test is repeated.
Deja Vu
The strong sensation of previously being at a location or event even though it is the first time one encounters the situation.
Word used to describe any kind of anomalous experiences.
Term used to describe the paranormal disappearing or fading of a real object.
A malevolent being, entity or spirit that may be conjured or controlled. It's presence is responsible for demonic possession; which can only be eradicated by exorcism.
A person who studies, practices and specializes in the removal of evil or demonic forces from a particular situation.
The systematic study of demons or the beliefs and theories of demons, their origin, actions and intent. Insofar as it involves exegesis, demonology is an orthodox branch of theology.
The paranormal movement of objects out of a secure enclosed space. Cf. apport. See also dematerialization, teleportation.
Dice Test
Experimental techniques for investigating psychokinesis, in which a subject attempts to influence the fall of dice.
A dimension, or 'Plane', is a level of consciousness or existence.
Direct Voice Phenomenon (DVP)
The hearing of voices during a seance that do not come from the medium.

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