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A response given by a subject in a card-guessing or other type of ESP test.
Calling Ghosts
Old world term for ghosts who call out the names of the living in order to lure them to their deaths.
A Brazilian spiritualist religion. See also Umbanda, Voodoo.
Card Guessing
An experimental ESP test where subjects try to guess the identity of a set of playing cards or Zener cards.
A reading done using tarot cards.
Case Study
An in-depth investigation of an individual or location.
A piece of thin membrane that remains covering the head of a newborn at birth. Those born with a caul are believed to be blessed with supernatural powers, protection and luck. These individuals are thought to possess the ability to see and speak to spirits and ghosts.
Cerebral Anoxia
Medical term that describes a lack of oxygen to the brain. The condition can cause sensory distortions and hallucinations and is often used to explain features associated with near-death experiences.
Spirit communication where an unseen entity takes possession of a medium in order to relay spiritual guidance or wisdom.
An object believed to possess magic power.
Christian Science
A religious healing movement founded by Mary Baker Eddy. Rejects orthodox medical practice.
Cipher Test
A secret message left by a person who intends to communicate the message after their death.
A group of individuals who gather to hold seances.
The ability to hear audio communication outside the range of normal perception.
Possessing an extraordinary sense of smell. Examples include smelling flowers before they bloom or smelling trouble or death before it occurs.

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