Effects of Black Magick

Magic is practiced in many cultures. It is a ways of apprehension, knowing and regulating the world. Magic is frequently viewed with suspicion by the wide of the mark community and it is also sometimes practiced in isolation and secrecy. Magic is of two types white magic and black magic.
White magic would be the archetype rituals, which embody the tenets of the religion in question.
Black magic would be a depravation of rituals. By using black magic destructive terminates without gaze for the cultural morals of the religion. This could be harmful for a person.
IT has traditionally referred to the manipulation of natural powers for evil and selfish intention. It would be a misuse of rituals, using them to destructive ends without attentiveness for the cultural morals of the religion. This could be something such as devising poppet's to cause harm.
At that time,
1. There could suddenly be blue marks on the thighs without feeling pain.
2. Without any physical exertion, the sufferer might experience a faster & erratic heartbeat and breathing.
3. The person may be quarrels within the family without any reason.
4. The person might feel the comportment of somebody in the house.
Effects Of Black Magic
It can really play with the life of the person by destroying any aspect of life, whether it's career or wealth, creating family problems, creating health problems, destroying mental peace, intelligence and happiness and even induce unnatural deaths in some extreme circumstances.
It not only affects the fate and future prospects of a person, also impoverish them materially of everything they were destined for. It affects the psyche of the victim person in such a way that they miss the will-power and mental energy to get away of the baleful situation, which can leave them feeling as though they have no desire to live in life.
The effects of this Magic become more inveterate, grave and fateful with time, if provide no treatment. It starts affecting the person's
  • Mind
  • Brain
  • Body
  • Relationships
  • Attitudes
  • Work practices
  • Money
  • Marriage
  • Career, etc.
Once the Black magic spells executed after that it cannot be stopped, therefore it should only be exploited by those who know what they want, because they will get it, there is no turning back.
Symptoms Of Black Magic
  1. No one treatment works, Continuous illness.
  2. A hope to go away from home and family.
  3. No hope to upgrade in life.
  4. Life seems useless.
  5. Infertility, without any physical inadequacy or without any medical reason.
  6. Miscarriages of children.
  7. Sudden deaths in the family.
  8. Problems in the renovation of a house, factory or any other building.
  9. In spite of hard work, Gruffness of money,
  10. Without any reason wrangles between family members.
  11. Achievement of objectives seems not possible.
  12. Departure in the business.
  13. Departure of peace due to the fright of enemies.
  14. Dissension between the family.
  15. Impoverish, in spite of hard work.
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