Telekinesis Throughout History

Psychic ability is seen in many variants. While some have the ability to see the future, others are able to meet people who have passed on. Telekinesis is a psychic ability which refers to the ability to affect matter, space, energy, or time through your mind. It is a paranormal task which many people believe to be false. Quite commonly seen as a stage act, showmanship or performance, telekinesis and those able to perform it are quite often taken for granted today. Many people assume that telekinesis only involves moving objects with your mind. However, if you are a student of the art, you will understand that it is much more meaningful and deeper than just that.
History of abuse
The term "telekinesis" was coined in the year 1890, and was generally used only when it referred to the movement of objects by supernatural or paranormal beings such as ghosts or spirits. During the early 20th century, telekinesis was a way of getting the attention and fear of the masses by a number of frauds.
Due to these malpractices, many people have lost faith in various psychic abilities, for example psychic reading. While free psychic readings are available easily on the Internet, it is still a slow process of regaining peoples' trust. By offering their psychic ability to benefit people, those who are gifted are proving that psychic ability is quite real.
The emergence of psychokinesis
During the world war time, 1914, there were a massive number of people who had taken interest in telekinesis and had gone on to coining the term "psychokinesis", in order to do away with the disbelief and disregard brought by the term telekinesis. The variety of tasks that the art can perform includes moving objects without touching them, softening metal, and levitating among many other things. The term telekinesis was now exclusive to the movement of objects rather than encompassing paranormal activities of psychokinesis.
Differences between telekinesis and psychokinesis
Telekinesis is the ability to move matter through mental activity. This paranormal ability includes moving an object from one place to another, making an object spin, making it shake or vibrate, or even causing an object to break. Some even say that through the movement of particles in the object, a person who practices telekinesis may be able to heat and cool objects.
Psychokinesis includes everything under telekinesis. It also includes the ability to teleport, affect magnetism, control light particles as well as shape shift, and even heal those who are ill or injured by repairing damaged tissues.
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