All About Ghosts and Spirits

Do ghosts exist? What is a ghost? Why are ghosts among us? What do they want? Doesn't life just end with death? So many questions, so few solid answers. I'll do my best to answer those and tackle some of the debated topics surrounding ghosts and give you a glimpse into the phenomena of ghosts and spirits. One thing is certain: Thousands of witness accounts and reported experiences from all over the world sort of leaves little doubt that ghosts in fact do it.


In all reality, there is no death. What I mean is that, sure, the body dies or stops working, but the soul or spirit lives on. We're made up of energy, which some consider to be our soul. The soul lives forever, just not in the same human form. There are many religious people who argue with this theory, and many who don't believe in ghosts. But I always found it hard to understand that these people believe in Heaven and Hell, God, Jesus and the Bible... but don't believe in ghosts and that our souls live on. One of my favorite statements to these non-believers is: "How can you believe in Heaven, God and the Bible, but not believe in ghosts, which are spirits?" The Bible even gives reference to ghosts, souls, spirits and demons.


So, do ghosts really exist?
That's something we can't answer. It's up to you to decide. After all, it's a matter of faith/belief. Those who believe they've had experiences with ghosts will swear that they exist. Those who have never had such an experience are likely to say no. It's never been proven, so we can't show disproval of anyone's answer. Our nswer: Yeah, we believe they do. We feel they are the spirits of humans that have left their physical body.

OK, so what are ghosts?
According to parapsychologists, ghosts are the apparitions of deceased people. More specifically, it is the energy, spirit, soul or personality of a person who has died and is either stuck; unable to move on from this plane of existence to the next, or have willingly decided to stay behind because they feel bound to their previous life, have unfinished business, are attached to a person or object or other unknown reasons. Ghosts usually appear in their human form and in places that they frequently visited or lived before their death. This can be their home, place of business, a relatives home or sometimes an object or certain person. Ghosts appear in forms of ectoplasm, ecto-mist or full-bodied apparitions.

Many ghost hunters, researchers and psychics believe that ghosts, or spirits, do not realize they've left their human body. Personally, I feel that some ghosts know they've left their human body, and some don't; each situation is unique. If the person died in a traumatic manner, such as a murder or accident, then it's very possible they don't realize they've passed.

Legendary veteran ghost hunter Hans Holzer once said, "A ghost is a human being who has passed out of the physical body, usually in a traumatic state and is usually not aware  of his true condition. We are all spirits encased in a physical body. At the time of passing, our spirit body continues into the next dimension. A ghost, on the other hand, due to trauma, is stuck in our physical world and needs to be released to go on."

Hanz mentioned "another dimension", which is another interesting theory. Einstein once theorized that time and space are one and the same, and that time itself has no objective reality; It's a function of our consciousness. This means that time itself means nothing. The world would operate the exact same if we had no clocks and no concept of time. Time is just a measurement. What does this all mean? Well, it sort-of leads to the theory of other, or "parallel", dimensions. Parallel dimensions are believed to be other frames of existence. We believe that spirits exist in a dimension that is the nearest to ours. Accounts of spirits or ghosts walking through walls instead of the doorway is perhaps because in their dimension, the wall is a hallway or doorway, or doesn't exist. Spirits tend to create the reality they live in, which often overlaps into our dimension. A scientific article entitled "The Universe's Unseen Dimensions," released in August, 2000, postulates that we may actually have scientific proof of other dimensions within the next 10 years... 11 other dimensions, to be exact. It is also suggested that doorways, or "portals", exist in certain areas in which spirits and other entities can travel into our world. The idea of portals is why many paranormal investigators believe in the 3am theory: The alleged exact time when the vails of dimensions are the thinnest, allowing easy travel from one dimension to another. Do I believe in the 3am theory? No. In all honesty, evidence shows that most activity occurs between 11pm and 4am, rather than one particular time. Are the vails the thinnest at 3am? Personally, I don't think so. The only theory I've heard to back this up is that Jesus died at 3pm, so 3am would be the polar opposite. Well, so what? Why would 3am be more active? Sorry, but I just don't see it.

In short, there are many theories and no scientific proof surrounding ghosts, and I don't believe that proof will exist any time soon. So we're left with our own research, evidence, personal experiences and theories, which has gotten us up to this point.


Can ghosts hurt us?
No, we don't believe so. But remember, what we consider to be a "ghost" is the spirit or soul of a person that has died, a human. I suppose, by theory, some entity forms could pose a threat to us, such as inhuman entities (if those truly do exist); but what we consider to be "ghosts" pose no threat, in our opinion. However, they can be frightening.  And you could hurt yourself trying to get away from something you believe you saw: Falling down the stairs trying to get away, slipping and falling, running into a door or other objects, etc. Remember, the biggest fear is the fear of the unknown. And our most powerful emotion is fear (debatable). Let's don't just assume that anything on the supernatural level is bad, and let's don't assume demons are surrounding us and are out to get us. Maybe there's not even such a thing as demons.


What do they want and why are they here?
Eh, who knows? According to some paranormal investigators, this can vary from case to case. The best we can do is draw educated conclusions from our research. Each case is different. Some possibilities are: Maybe they aren't sure what's going on. They may not know they've passed away or they may not be able to reach their destination or know how to find it. They may be trying to deliver a message to a loved one or friend. They may be protecting someone. They may want someone to see the cause of their death or, if murdered, the person responsible. They may be attached to an object thet meant a lot to them. They may be attached to a home that once was their own. They may be afraid of what's on the other side. They may simply not know they've passed away.

I remember the movie "The Others". This gives us a chilling glimpse into what a ghost might actually feel. I won't spoil it for you if you haven't seen it. But I recommend watching it. There are many, many reasons why ghosts are here. The truth is, we may never really know.


Can we help them?
That's debatable. Some investigators and mediums believe it is possible.  They feel that ghosts can be helped to cross to the other side. They can be convinced that they will be greeted byloved one's and friends that have passed before them.

Maybe we could uncover the truth behind their death, in particular cases. We may also be able to locate their body, and, if not properly respected, give them a proper burial ceremony. There are possibly many ways to help ghosts, but first we must understand exactly what they need. This is the difficult part. And since science has yet been able to aid in this realm, all we can do is go on what we feel.


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