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TOPIC: Cat Ghost

Cat Ghost 28 Jun 2018 05:30 #1

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Hello all. I have always been a strong believer in the paranormal, including life after death. I have always felt the presence of spirits.

I decided to join this forum and make this post because I've just experienced something that shook me to my core.

On Sunday we had to put my cat, Bindi, to sleep. She had severe kidney failure. It was very difficult. One day she's as energetic as a kitten and the next... Well, I'm sure everyone who has experienced something like this understands.

We got her ashes back yesterday. I put them up next to her brother and sister, who were also cremated.

I started seeing her out of the corner of my eye. Just brief glances. I wanted to believe it was her spirit, but I was afraid it was just wishful thinking. Every now and then since her passing I've caught myself forgetting she's gone for a split second and the moment after when I remember she is just intensifies the heartache sometimes.

But now to the main event...

I was lying in bed. On my side. Eyes closed, but still wide awake....and I feel a cat crawl across my legs.

What goes through my head at exactly the same time is "Oh hey, little girl!"/"I'm alone. There is no cat on my bed. My cat is dead."

I keep thinking I should have felt happy or relieved or a sense of wonder, but my gut reaction was cold fear. It may sound silly (Hell, this whole post may sound silly to some people), but now I'm worried my reaction scared her off and she isn't going to come back again. I both do and don't want another experience like that.

So yeah... that's my story.
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Cat Ghost 29 Jun 2018 00:12 #2

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Hello, Welcome to TPS.

I lost a very dear friend a little over a year ago. He was struck down by a car right in front of the house (hit & run). We pulled up on scene a minute or two after it happened. There were people there that pulled over and protected him from getting run over more, they had called the police. I was grateful for that. I was not grateful I had to pick up his lifeless body from the road and bury him in the backyard.

To me, he made his presence known not to long after. I've had physical things happen to me while in bed as you described along with some visual and audio experiences over a period of time.
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Cat Ghost 20 Aug 2018 22:12 #3

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I just want to add that your pet doesn't have to be dead for you to see its spirit or apparition. I'm currently living with my dad and he has a little pug dog. His dog sleeps with him and he always closes his bedroom door while they sleep. I use to go to bed at night and within a couple of minutes of laying down in my bed I would feel his pug dog (in spirit) jump up on my bed. I knew that it was the pug dog astral projecting in his sleep because I know what it feels like for that dog to jump up on the bed or furniture. I know that sounds crazy, but I could actually feel the bed move as he jumped upon it when he was out of his body. I have also felt spirits sit down on the edge of my bed on multiple occasions.

One time I even pulled out my tape recorder and hit record right after the dog jumped on the bed in spirit and I asked him if it was him. When I played back the recording you could hear him bark after I asked that, and it was indeed his bark.

On 3 different occasions I have seen an apparition of my dad's dog out of the corner of my eye. I seen a little pug dog and I know it was him. Every time it happened, he was sleeping so I believe he was astral projecting in his sleep. I have also seen an apparition of my grandpa once while he was still alive. So I believe we can see people and animals when they're astral projecting in their sleep. I only saw these apparitions for a brief second and they were gone.
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