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If you've had an encounter with the paranormal, then come on in and tell us about it.
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by Chosen Valley Shadow Seekers
09 Aug 2019 05:00
Need help with the paranormal? Can you offer help to those that need it? This is the place!
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by RCDforum
23 Jun 2019 18:18
Do you believe you've captured something good and want input, or just want to share your capture with us? Here ya go! Post your evidence here.
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Last Post: 430 Turk Cursed
by darkseed2012
14 Jul 2018 07:18
Other paranormal phenomena. These can be paranormal topics that don't fit into other categories
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Last Post: Casting Call
by CDS
24 Feb 2019 10:07
The title says it all. Feel free to discuss your beliefs on the topics.
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by MarkJG
12 Aug 2019 12:06
Know of a place that is, or might be, haunted? We're dying to know!
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by CDS
28 Jul 2019 14:55

UFO's and Aliens

Are their other forms of life out there? Have you had experiences with UFO's or Aliens?
Share your experiences with or sightings of UFO's & Alien life forms
3 Topics 22 Replies kuurt's Avatar
Last Post: Cat Ghost
by kuurt
20 Aug 2018 22:12
Have you captured evidence of what you feel is an Extraterrestrial life form or have knowledge of documented cases?
46 Topics 185 Replies darkseed2012's Avatar
by darkseed2012
22 Apr 2018 12:59
Though rare, there have been accounts of alien abductions. If you've experienced an abduction or have knowledge of one, we'd love to hear it.
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Last Post: Possible abduction?
by geminiwizard
09 Mar 2017 22:53
News related to UFO sightings, alien encounters, new discoveries and more
41 Topics 100 Replies NightTerrors's Avatar
by NightTerrors
08 Jun 2017 11:04
Classified, declassified, whistleblowing, references... Any UFO & Aliens documentation can be added and viewed here
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Last Post: Alien Races A-Z
by Poison Pen
09 Aug 2015 17:31
Talk about paranormal research and investigative equipment, techniques and resources here
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Last Post: Ghost Hunter M2
by CDS
25 Sep 2018 21:31
The purpose of this category is for everyone to see how easily evidence can be faked or manufactured and how false positives can be mistaken for actual paranormal evidence. We're not judging the character of anyone here, only the evidence itself.
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by GreenEyedLady_MOD
28 Jun 2017 04:17
If you'd like to discuss your investigations, or talk about upcoming investigations, you can do it here
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by MireilleRobitaille
17 Dec 2018 10:01
New to The Paranormal Society? Take a minute to introduce yourself
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Last Post: french service
by saurabhsawan92
11 May 2018 08:03
Anything that doesn't fit anywhere else goes here.
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by Fisset
07 Jun 2019 09:35
If you've come across interesting news stories relating to the paranormal, feel free to post here
53 Topics 267 Replies BMT's Avatar
Last Post: Psychotronics
by BMT
01 Jun 2017 03:03
Everything from Area 51 and Secret Societies to One World Government and Assassinations. These are the topics that certain people don't want you to see!
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by CDS
26 Aug 2017 13:11
Had any of these? You may just find some answers here.
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by GreenEyedLady_MOD
20 Aug 2016 16:34
From religion to what happens after death, the Spirituality, Life and Death category is the place for these touchy topics.
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by NightTerrors
13 May 2017 10:27
Talk about paranormal tv shows and movies here.
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by BMT
28 Apr 2019 22:47
Topics of psychic phenomenon, telepathy, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, precognition and the related can be found and posted here
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by EnergyGem
18 May 2019 05:27

Site Related

Site news and announcements. And if you need help with site issues or learning your way around, you can ask questions and find help here.
Announcements, news, updates and changes will be posted here.
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Last Post: Work in progress
by CDS
03 Apr 2017 11:27
Post here if you're having problems or need help with site related issues, or have general questions.
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by CDS
17 Oct 2016 18:16

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