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TOPIC: New House Having Issues

New House Having Issues 12 Apr 2019 01:22 #1

Hi I Just Joined.. Honestly I never thought I would be on a paranormal forum but seems i bought a house where some interesting things are happening.. let me give the back story from all that i know here.. there has been 1 death in the house which i know for a fact. it was my sister in law she passed in the living room either a drug overdose or blood clot i am not honestly sure. the neighbors told us a little girl had cancer (didn't pass in the house but was very sick in our upstairs bedroom. my brother let it go into some disrepair so we are working on it little by little. my husband who is super religious got spooked pretty bad today. our dogs ball went rolling from a dead stop across the floor (i questioned him about the dog being near it but he said the dog was no where even close to it) last night i was mortified i got up in the middle of the night i was on my way back to the bedroom i could hear it sounded like a woman yelling from upstairs but i couldn't honestly make out what she said.. i was however pretty quick to get back in the room with my husband nudging him up to get him to go upstairs to see.. he said there was nothing up there so i put it aside. we hear tapping on our window next to the couch constantly but you would honestly need a latter to even reach it we thought it was birds but each time there is never anything there. i don't go upstairs since we bought the house it just makes me feel uncomfortable even walking in front of the stairs.
the office was her space we haven't touched it paint or moved out her items i felt bad and wanted it left as she did my husband uses it as his office. honestly in law we where not on great terms when she passed neither was her and my brother he was considering divorce
i feel a little nuts posting this but not sure if i should be afraid or try to ignore all of this we have only been living here 5 months
does anyone with any experience in this know how to deal with it?
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New House Having Issues 12 Apr 2019 10:56 #2

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Welcome to TPS.

Couple of quick points:

Your described activity level is pretty passive.

A lot of reports of increased activity coincide with renovations.

You can go after it to try to make it stop or could have a wait and see attitude, to see if activity drops off after renovations are done.

I suggest the latter. Often it just goes away on its own.
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New House Having Issues 16 Apr 2019 00:46 #3

thanks so much for the reply sorry for the delay i work out of town.. oddly enough it's not stopped even when i wasn't at home my neighbor watch's over my chickens and house this weekend he ended up seeing my lights threw the house come on and shut off as if someone has entered the room and left he knew we where not at home he did a walk around nothing was disturbed he couldn't see anyone in the room when the light turned off threw the window he said he could see the light switch flip it's self off it scared him pretty bad now he wont come near the house. i know you think it's passive but to me it's a pretty terrifying ordeal maybe your right once the renovations are done i hope it stops any other suggestions that might make it go away?
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New House Having Issues 28 Apr 2019 23:00 #4

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Do any research on history of land?
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