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TOPIC: Help with demon/spirit identity, please

Help with demon/spirit identity, please 06 Jan 2019 15:17 #1

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My whole life I have been haunted by only early childhood memory ( I was about 2-3 years old ).
It happened at night ( it was very dark, but possible to see siluets of furniture), I was sleeping in my crib ( it was in parents room, we had only one room apartment at that time).
Suddenly, I awoke, turned my head and saw strange orange glowing creature ( gnome?) coming to my crib from a rooms corner. I stared at it several seconds, while it slowly was closing on me, and started crying, parents awoke instantly and creature disappeared. Never saw it again. Strangely, this is only memory of my early childhood.

Creature looked small, shorter than crib, maybe approximately my height at that point. But it looked fat, it was broad, no neck, roundish stump of a head, almost as broad as it shoulders, long arms compared to its legs ( maybe normal arm length, compared to body), a bit short legs ( they looked short compared to body it had ), couldn't see if it had eyes, nose mouth, fingers.
The haunting thing was, it glowed reddish orange, like spiral of the lamp, moments before it becomes white, but the light didn't illuminate anything, almost like light existed only as its body, or on surface of its body.

Till this day, I don't understand why I started crying, because it seemed very natural for that thing to come to me, I didn't feel fear or confusion or anything.
Desperately want to know what I saw.

If it helps at that point my family lived in Latvia, Europe (Baltic country close to Russia), maybe there is something in Baltic or Slavic folklore, but I am not strong in it, and don't have motivation to study it.

Also later ( about less than year after this incident) I had very realistic dream - sitting on the floor in the same room, parents on their bed/couch watching TV, suddenly something starts pulling me up and tries to drag me in to corridor/entrance hall ( where is door to outside, shoes, coats, do not know how correctly it is in English), where is complete darkness, while tried to grab rug on the floor, then blanket on coach/ bed, where parents were. I screamed and plead them to help me, but they ignored me completely, like I didn't exist and nothing was happening. I lost my hold very quickly ( I was a very physically weak child), but when force took me to door portal, that led to corridor, I started crying and it dropped me. After that I remember nothing. Next memories start only when I started to go kindergarten. Feels like this two incidents connected, don't know why.

If you know something about this spirit/demon/creature/fey, whatever it is, I would appreciate answers.
Thank you, for your time.
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