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TOPIC: Hinds Road Gadsden Alabama

Hinds Road Gadsden Alabama 29 Nov 2010 23:24 #1

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Let me introduce you to the Witch of Hinds Road.

She lived in a tiny shack back in the woods off Hinds Road (Hinds is very hard to get to, but when you do you feel like your in a different world) and it's been told that she was an old mystic that went by the name Torbit that sold her soul to the devil.

Around the turn of the 19th century was her rein and what a rein it was. For 20 years she terrorized the citizens of Gadsden and especially their children, mainly those foolish enough to venture up to Hinds in search of her. It is said that she would kill them and drink and bathe in their blood to keep her young and decorate the outside of her shack with their bones.

For years children went missing and for years the adults were far too afraid to venture up to Hinds to call out the witch. Until about 1939 when the current mayor said enough was enough and sent a mob up to get her. What the found turned their hair white and drained all blood from their faces. They first found a pond or what would have been a pond had it not been completely filled with blood, body parts and some still whole bodies of children of all ages. When they were able to get their bearings and their stomachs back, they ventured further up the winding dirt road, and on the side of the road they saw a cave with foulest of stenches coming forth, one brave soul went in and let out a spin shattering scream and came out stark white. The man never spoke of what he saw, as a matter of fact he never spoke again after that. No one else was brave enough to go in.

Even though some nerves had faltered a smaller band went on to the cabin, where they found her at her front door, and they were amazed to see a young beautiful woman with long black hair and emerald eyes, naked and covered in blood. They ask the woman, are you the one they call the witch Torbit? It is I she replied and without hesitation they threw their flames on her and her den of death. They watched as she burned and the cabin turned to ash. As this all went on it said that those down in the city could hear her cackling laughter and see the white hot flames and smoke rising from the mountain.

Now the claims are that...

1) You can still see her ghostly cabin in the woods when the moon is full and the light shines down on the abandoned lot that to this day nothing will grow. And some have even seen her dancing, still young and beautiful, covered in blood and laughing, casting her spells on any child that is brave enough to come up there.

2) The pond now full of water and that looks quite beautiful to me, it is said that you can see orbs of light dancing across the water, which is said to be the spirit of the children that were never put to rest on hollowed ground. Lost between this world and the next. And sometimes Torbit herself will make an appearance in the woods across the pond at the waters edge dipping her hands down in the pond water and pouring it over herself, as if it was still her blood fountain of youth.

3) The cave still has a foul stench coming from it, I for one know this to be true, and no one including me will go too far into it. And those who do, will not tell of what they see. Their has been one exception to this, I hear a young woman went back far enough to see a still live and standing, skinned dog, smelling of rotting flesh and growling at her.

4) Young kids who are devil worshipers use this as their stomping ground and those caught up there after dark will be beaten or killed. And I for one believe this because I have seen evidence of their being there.

Hope you liked and wasn't too long for ya :lol:

Here is a pic I took on Hinds Road
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Re: Hinds Road Gadsden Alabama 30 Nov 2010 05:06 #2

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Yes Crow I know the exact place, Reform is in Pickens County Alabama and the Pickens County Courthouse that you are referring to is in a town near Reform called Carrollting. In 1876, Henry Wells, an African-American man who lived alone outside of the town limits was blamed for the November 16 fire that burned down the Carrollton Courthouse. He was quickly arrested and jailed in the attic of the building that was to be the new Carrollton Courthouse. A lynch mob gathered to demand that Wells be delivered up for their brand of justice. It was a February afternoon in 1878 and a thunderstorm began to gather over Carrollton. As the mob bickered with the sheriff, Wells peeked out of the window at the top of the building. At that moment, a lightning bolt struck the building where Wells stood, killing him instantly. His face and expression was etched into the windowpane by the bolt and no amount of effort, scrubbing or solvents have been able to erase it from the glass. According to local legend, when thunderstorms roll through Carrollton, you can see the ghost of Henry Wells staring out from the window.

I've added a few photos, one of the Courthouse full view and the others are pics of the famous face at different angles. :)
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Re: Hinds Road Gadsden Alabama 01 Dec 2010 22:40 #3

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Sounds Brother's Grimm! :P :lol: but then probably its a different incident!
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Re: Hinds Road Gadsden Alabama 02 Dec 2010 19:08 #4

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crazy story thanks for sharing
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Re: Hinds Road Gadsden Alabama 24 Dec 2010 09:30 #5

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Np Nags, Glad you enjoyed it :o)
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Re: Hinds Road Gadsden Alabama 26 Oct 2011 16:30 #6

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I have many stories to tell of my experiences on Hinds Road confirming that this story is true.
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