Frequently Asked Question

How do investigators determine a location is haunted?
Good question! When paranormal investigators accept a case, they first interview the subjects and document their experiences. This is done to be able to more accurately evaluate a situation and so investigators will know what to look for and what they're possibly up against. Next, the investigators will take a tour of the building or home and document any abnormalities. During this time, they will take baseline EMF and temperature readings an make note of any abnormalities. Some investigators will also bring in a medium or psychic to see what they may pick up on. Investigators will then set up their technical equipment and begin. Their determination of a place being haunted is based on the conclusion of evidence gathered during the investigation, as well as any input from mediums or psychics, if they choose. Remember, most investigators do not consider medium or psychic input to be evidence, rather it is simply added to the case file as documentation or to possibly corroborate stories or experiences. While all groups have their own methods, this is a common basis for most.
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