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An EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) is the ability to record spirit sounds or voices on a tape or digital voice recorder. The experimenter can ask questions and may get a response. This response can be in any form, such as an answer to a direct question, asking a question, making a statement or a moan or any other intelligible form. The voices can only be heard when playing the tape back. If you can hear it in real time, it's not an EVP.
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A Certified Ghost Hunter is bogus; It means absolutely nothing. An investigator can possess a certificate of completion from paranormal courses that teach proper use of equipment and evidence evaluation, which is good. But a "Certified Ghost Hunter"  is pure BS.
First of all, there are no accredited paranormal courses... which means there are no real certifications. One of such example is a course offered by paranormal investigator Patti Star. Patti affirms that when you complete her course, you'll be certified. But still, the question remains: Certified in exactly what? In our opinion, any such course means absolutely nothing what-so-ever.

For starters, the term "Ghost Hunting" is considered to be a novice one. Professionals are "Paranormal Investigators" or "Paranormal Researchers". Don't get the wrong idea: This doesn't mean that any group that claims they are certified are not professional. One of our network groups are certified, but at the same time, they are very professional and do a very good job. We just want you to understand that being "Certified" is fine, but it certainly does not mean that someone "certified" is a better, more professional investigator than someone who isn't. The bottom line is that going through such courses isn't bad. BUT... DO NOT let that apparent credential be the deciding factor on choosing an organization. Different groups/investigators have different ways of conducting investigations. Some are comfortable with certain techniques, others use their own personal proven techniques. The point is that everyone does this differently. It's a subjective field and you can never implement one procedure. Courses teach investigators to use their own methods; But what if those methods aren't the best? What if those methods are dated or out of line with what another investigator chooses. One-for-all does not work in this field. Thus, being Certified is just a waste of time until there are nationally recognized accredited courses.
And if you're an up-and-coming investigator or group, don't waste your time and money with these courses. In the "real world" of our side of things, it means absolutely nothing.
A vortex is believed to be a portal from the spirit world into ours. It's alleged to be in the form of a white tornado-shaped mist. All photos that we've evaluated of alleged vortex's have been disproven. Most of the time when they appear in photos, they are actually the camera strap dangling in front of the lens or a hair on the lens. Both appear white in color because of how close it is to the camera and the flash reflecting off of it. Do they exist? It's highly doubtful. But surely there are doorways to "the other side". Can these doorways be seen? I don't believe so.
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