Frequently Asked Questions - Types of Hauntings

FAQs - Types of Hauntings
A Demon is a product of Christianity, having its origin from the Greek word Daemon, said to be an evil supernatural being. In Christian Demonology, it is considered to be an unclean spirit that has one objective: To cause enough havoc in ones life to lead to possession. It is important, however, to know that the term Demon actually has many different meanings across different cultures and religions.
A Doppleganger is believed to be the ghostly double of a living person, with intent to haunt that person. In folklore, it is said that when the Doppleganger shows itself to it's fleshly counterpart, it is a signal of bad luck or misfortune or an omen of death.{jcomments on}
Depending on who you ask, you'll get different answers to what ghosts are. There's the definition of ghosts given by Webster's Dictionary. There's the general term used by most people. There's the typical view of a ghost floating around in a white sheet. There's many different definitions., but one thing we have to remember is to not mix Hollywood's fictional view with the logical.
We believe a ghost is the energy and spirit (or soul) of a person who has passed away and is either stuck between the veils of existence, unable to cross over, or have chosen to stay on our level of existence by choice. The reasons why (or how) ghosts are here truly remains a mystery. The best we can do is make educated guesses and well-formed opinions based on years of researched information and documented evidence.
Poltergeist is a German word that means "noisy ghost". The word comes from the German term poltern which means "to knock" and geist which means "spirit". The best defining mark of a poltergeist is any manipulation of the physical environment such as the movement of objects, physical attacks, spontaneous combustion, etc.
Apparitions is another term that is somewhat used loosely. Basically, an apparition is the visual appearance or manifestation of a spirit or any unusual visual phenomena that may or may not necessarily take the shape of a human form. An apparition can be that of a ghost that has manifested or it can also be a negative entity, or demon. Apparitions can also be in the form of animals. They can appear as white, whispy, cloudy shapes or a dark shadowy form. These are often called Shadow People.
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