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Knicole13 Discussion started by Knicole13 3 months ago
A family member finally put a word to my life and my feelings. Empath. I’ve done more research and it’s exactly my life. Things follow me, they talk to me and show themselves to me. When I see them, I feel what they feel. It’s gone on since I was little and I still remember the first time. We lived in front of a cemetery and it was twins that used to talk to me and come inside. But I also remember watching people/ghosts/apparitions walk around outside. One night about a year ago, my uncle took us riding around and we found a cemetery from the 1800s in the middle of nowhere, I could see these people/ things walking about, some being small children. As a mother of two and one on the way, I’ve noticed that these senses to children are stronger and I see and feel it more. I lived in a house around age 12 and my bedroom was above the basement(but had to go outside to get in the basement) and at least once or twice a week I would hear a woman crying down there, go to check it out and there’s nothing. But I mostly just remember feeling so upset and crying too and I couldn’t stop til it stopped. I’m now 23 and it’s getting worse. My youngest son is doing it too. He’s seeing what I see and points it out to me, he’s only two. I worry about him being scared but he doesn’t seem to be. I need help putting this at bay. 3 or 4 days ago, we both saw a man in the bedroom, I hear running through the house and banging on the walls has started. This happens everywhere I live. I’m only able to talk to one cousin, an aunt and my grandmother about these things. My grandmother passed away a couple weeks ago so she’s no longer here and she’s the one who understood the most. (Indian bloodline) she always believed me and didn’t make me feel crazy. 
samandwilley Knicole13 I read your post above and wanted to offer a couple of ideas for you. First, you are not just an empath. You are a medium. And if the feelings you feel are mostly from... Show more 3 months ago
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