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My First Encounter With The Paranormal.

Just to verify something before you all start reading this..
YES this memory is real. 100% real. I wasn't dreaming, I wasn't hallucinating, I wasn't just mis-seeing things, I actually experienced something truly horrifying in the Paranormal world.
I was around eight years old when this happened.
I was packing a few boxes of mine, I lived in a rather small house in Denver, CO close to an elementary - middle school named Ceasar Chaves (Or something close to that) My family and I were getting ready to move to a state over named Kansas.
When my family finally got over the eight hour drive we finally reached our destination.
I walk up the three concrete stairs along with my Grandpa and my Brother. My grandpa then unlocked the door and my Brother and I walk inside.
I was a super curious kid growing up with a large imagination so I personally thought it was a good idea to go upstairs and check the room that was on the far right side. All the other rooms were on the left side all close to each other but the room on the right was all alone and the door was shut, but all the other three rooms door weren't shut.
Curious old me, I walk nervously towards the closed door and I pushed it open while turning the door knob. A literal black shadow appeared from the closet and turned to me. It stared at me but didn't do anything. I felt a heavy drop in my chest and I fell to the ground letting out a loud scream which sent my brother literally flying up the stairs.
He slid to me (because the flooring was only wood at the time till three days later when we got carpet.) and asked what was going on. He asked me if I fell and I personally told him that I saw a black shadow figure up here. My brother looked at me in shock and helped me up and told me "I think I saw it too downstairs." that really sent a shiver up my spine.
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