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Information on my Experience in the Paranormal

The date would be sometime in March I can not remember the actual date because I was the tender age of 7 or 9 but it was around the time I first got my cats. Now during this time my sister and I shared a room a little insight here. My sister and I are four years apart so she hated I was indifferent because I was young and didn't understand the concept of personal space yet. The first "Paranormal experience" was here. So my mother's room at the time was right next to ours so whenever we were scared we could run and get her. Well on this fateful night I woke up terrified. Like cold sweat, shaking and my eyes darting around the room expecting to see some monster trying to eat me. Well, I saw nothing...nothing was there. I went to wake my sister but realized it might be a bad idea since she gets very grumpy when woken up by this nonsense. So I walked around her bravely since I felt like something was gonna come out and grab me any second. I managed to walk into my mother's room only to find her not there. More confused than scared I heard a noise behind me assuming it was my mom coming back from the bathroom I turned to find my older sister starting at me. Now that's not what scared me what scared me was her eyes...they weren't there they were replaced with sparkly lights as I can vaguely remember. I freaked like I screamed so loud and pushed her out of the way running into our French room. Where at the time I kept most of my baseball stuff. I grabbed the bat and hid in a corner in the darkness of the room. Then the light would flick on there by the lightswitch stood the rest of the household all looking at me with worried faces I dropped the bat and ran over to them hugging my mom. I tried to explain to her what had happened but she brushed it off as a bad dream and put me back in bed. I told my sister and she kinda believed me but told me not to think about it and to go back to sleep. My grandmother just nodded her head and smiled before going back to bed. You see what scared me about it the most is I knew that wasn't my sister it couldn't have been even at that young of an age I knew what sounds would notify me if she came walking out of the room behind me. I would have heard her get out of bed. Something is in this house and that is only the start of it.
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My First Encounter With The Paranormal.
Something has been messing with me and left bruise...


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