Shadow People: My Experiences

As time passed, I still felt uneasy my boyfriend and I still saw our lights ficker and sometimes unexplained noises. We decided to just ignore those noises until I decided

Amityville, Scamityville: Busted!

Amityville was a scam. Yup, that shit was a hoax, all conjured up at different stages to draw attention to a few select individuals. There was no demon, no

Signs of a Haunting

OK, we get it: Not everone believes in ghosts, spirits or the paranormal, but things do happen that sometimes can't be explained. And now you're wondering how to tell if

9 Places in Washington to Find Bigfoot

There is a belief that's powerful in the Northwest: The belief that Bigfoot exists. While some doubt that such a creature roams the wilderness of Washington, witnesses who have seen,

What is a Poltergeist?

Poltergeist is a German word that means noisy ghost. The word comes from the German term poltern, to knock, and geist, which means spirit. It's very important to understand the true

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